A guide to what makes a geologist unique
Ramblings of a geologist after the Turkey/Syria earthquake of February 2023

July 2021

How the coolest Croatian geophysicist and meteorologist discovered the crust-mantle boundary

June 2021

We usually think about disasters when we talk about earthquakes; but they carry important information from deep below our beloved planet...

May 2021

The first episode of Geologica's journey to the discovery of the Earth: how the British topographic campaign in India led to the Isostasy Principle

April 2021

I can't believe there's people today who actually think the Earth is flat. But I'll tell you one thing: it's not a sphere; it's more like ...a pear...
Most rock-forming minerals are silicates, silicon-based chemical compounds. Like carbon holds the secret of living things, silicon has the power to…

March 2021

A magnitude 6 earthquake wreaked havoc in Italy's central Apennines, in an area famous for typical pasta sauces...

February 2021

Some countries cope better...
Can the Eternal City be shaken?
The search for an effective title misleads the readers of a post

January 2021

My personal account of a destructive earthquake I witnessed when I was 16 and lived close enough to be affected